Whether you wish to be locked up for a week, a month or a year, I have a way that I can administer chastity to you.

I have a range of boys locked at any given time. Some in the UK, that I see face to face, some online via Adultwork or Skype. I also see boys over the internet from all parts of the USA, Canada, Dubai so there really is no limit.

There is a chastity device that can suit any budget and if you would like some help choosing one, book a skype session or come and see me on Adultwork and we can go shopping virtually together, me navigating where we look to choose from.

I offer a shopping service in London where we will visit a store near Old street and you can actually try on the devices in a secure changing room with myself in a discreet setting (excludes all silicone devices)  There is a tribute of £100ph hour for this kind of store visit and we could lock you up after purchasing the device and go for lunch together initiating your denial whilst I tease you and enjoy our meal and time together before sending you on your way with either a plastic numbered combination lock or padlock, where I hold the key. 

Naughty little boys like you need to have your cocks kept under strict control, under lock and key – my lock and key!

 I will hold the keys for you, your sexual desires under my control.  With your poor little cock locked away in that cramped little cage, your attention will be focused on me, and only me. I’m sure it won’t be too frustrating once you get used to your new life as a chaste little sub and you will feel relieved and free, not wasting your life and energy playing with yourself like a naughty little slut.

Men love to think they will love to be controlled and locked away, but chastity is completely different when you don’t have access to the keys and you can’t just unlock yourself when you want a bit of pleasure. You will have to submit to me and please me if you ever want to experience pleasure again.

 It may take a few weeks, but you will soon feel more obedient and submissive than you have ever felt before. You will think of me every time you see that tiny little cock, locked away in its inescapable little prison. Every time you have sexy, dirty thoughts your little cock will strain to grow, compressed and imprisoned by my lock and key.

 Will it be a week, a month or maybe even longer? How long can you last before you start begging to be released?

Welcome slave!

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