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I genuinely adore receiving gifts, little ones, big ones, well thought out gifts and especially surprises. 

There are so many ways to please me and if you want to send something anonymously, you can easily find a way to treat your Princess, like I deserve. 

Princess Jessika's Amazon Wishlist

Do you love following me on Twitter, or have you bought some clips and want to reach out to Me to say how much you enjoyed them? Perhaps you are shy and want to come and see me and send me an introduction note with a gift.

Underwear and fetish outfits Wishlist

I film regularly and add lots of content to my OnlyFans on a regular basis. Sending me something from this wishlist, you will likely see me teasing with it on my Subscription page and Twitter. If you have something you wish to purchase for me, outfit-wise you may email me with a link and I will have it added to this wishlist ready for purchase. 

Pleaser Heels Wishlist for Piggies, wallets

I am head over heels ADDICTED to Pleaser Heels. In fact, I already have a collection of over 60 boxed pairs of the gorgeous platform, sparkly, perfect heels but I can never ever have enough. There are hundreds of different beautiful designs as you will see on My Pleaser wishlist above and I intend on having every perfect damn pair there is. Let a couple of pairs slip into that basket for me, add to My collection.. 

Elite wishlist

Are you addicted to handing over cash to bratty dominating Supreme Princesses? Do you work hard to please Me and give everything to see that big gleaming smile of being pleased? This wishlist is for you.. Leave a begging message on My gift note and thank me for taking what is rightfully Mine.. That is a good boy now.. 

I do accept email gift cards from the below sites on the clickable links

You may send email giftcards to PrincessJessika@live.com ensure you leave a note where possible insisting I enjoy my gift and thank Me for spoiling myself

Amazon Email Gift Card

TK Maxx Email Gift Card

Agent Provocateur Email Gift Card

Figileaves Underwear Email Gift Card

Libidex Latex Email Gift Card

Vivienne Westwood Email Gift Card

John Lewis Email Gift Card

Heels size ~ Size 8Uuk (7uk in Pleaser heels) 

Nylons and Holdups~ Medium

Ring Size ~ P and Q

Converse/Sneakers/Timberland/Ugg ~ Size 8uk

Preferred Perfumes ~ Coco Chanel, Princess by Killian, Jo Malone - Pomegranate Noir

Good boys may also apply for financial domination here and/or use the tribute options on this page.

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